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Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Solution

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SMD Down Lights

These are recessed lights typically used in ceilings for general illumination.

They offer a sleek, minimalist look and are ideal for residential and commercial spaces like offices, hallways, and living rooms.


COB Down Lights

Similar to SMD down lights, but COB LEDs provide a larger, smoother light beam. They're preferred for task lighting in kitchens, workspaces, and retail displays.

SMD Bulb

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These traditional-style bulbs offer energy-efficient LED technology in familiar shapes.

They're suitable for replacing existing bulbs in lamps, sconces, and pendant fixtures across various indoor spaces.

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SMD Panel Lights

These flat, square or rectangular panels provide broad, diffused light.

They're perfect for offices, classrooms, and large commercial spaces, offering uniform illumination without glare.


SMD Batten Lights

These elongated fixtures offer bright, directional light.

They're commonly used for garages, warehouses, workshops, and security lighting around buildings.

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SMD Flood Lights

Powerful, wide-beam lights for large outdoor areas.

Ideal for illuminating parking lots, sports fields, billboards, and security purposes.

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SMD Street Lights

Magnetic Lights

Track Lights

Designed for street and pathway lighting, offering high luminous efficacy and long lifespans.

Suitable for residential neighbourhoods, parks, and public spaces.

These offer flexible placement options with magnetic bases.

Perfect for highlighting artwork, creating accent lighting, or adjusting illumination according to need in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Tracks allow multiple spotlights to be mounted and adjusted independently.

Ideal for retail displays, art galleries, museums, and highlighting architectural elements.

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