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HEC Lighting Factory was established in 2015 and is located in Guzhen Town, Zhongshan City, Known as the lighting capital of China.The Location Was strategically chosen for convenience. HEC Lighting Factory is specialized in manufacturing of Indoor & Outdoor Lighting Solutions Which Includes LED Bulbs , SMD Down Lights, COB Spotlights , Batten Lights , SMD Flood Lights , SMD Street Lights, And Many More Lighting Products.  

Research & Development

Investing In the Research And Development (R&D) Division Is a Top Priority Of HEC Lighting Factory. HEC Lighting Factory Has An In-House Laboratory For Developing And Inspecting New Products. HEC Ensures Effective And Accurate Manufacturing Processes With Its State-Of-The-Art Equipment, Including Robotic Burn-in Test Lines, SMT Work Plants, Reflow Soldering Machines And Automated Assembly Lines

HEC Lighting Factory Ensures The Best Cost-Efficiency And Exceptional Luminosity By Utilizing. The Latest Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Technology During The Design Process. To Maintain a Dynamic Workforce And Bring In Fresh Ideas. The Company Collaborates With Eleven Sleek Designs And Art Institution From Mainland China And Taiwan.

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Quality Assurance

Quality Is An Essential Element Of HEC's Management.To Ensure The Best Quality & Reliability Of Our Products. HEC Lighting Factory Conducts a Comprehensive Inspection Of Every LED Chip, Circuit Board & Soldering Point By Adhering To Strengthen Quality Control Standards, HEC Lighting Factory maintains Its Reputation As a Trust Worthy Supplier In Top Notch Lighting Companies Around The Globe

Team Development

At HEC Lighting Factory The Development & Well-Being Of Their Team Members Are Of Great Importance.HEC Lighting Factory Accomplish This By Implementing Comprehensive Employee Training Programs & Fostering a Supportive Working Environment To Cultivate a Highly Skilled and Motivated Workforce. These efforts Not Only Improve Employee Satisfaction But Also Contribute To Delivering Excellent Services To Clients

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Smart home lighting management solutions. HEC App or Voice

control via third party devices.


Milano Smart SMD Downlight

Support iOS, Android, Wechat Mini Programs


Oakland Smart SMD Downlight

Support iOS, Android, Wechat Mini Programs


Milano Smart SMD Spotlight

Support iOS, Android, Wechat Mini Programs


Kong smart SMD Downlight

Support iOS, Android, Wechat Mini Programs


Atlanta Smart LED Bulb

Support iOS, Android, Wechat Mini Programs

Vision For The Future

HEC Lighting Factory Is Committed To Constant Innovation While Keeping Its Core Principle Of Progress & Development For Its Staff & Customers In Mind. HEC Lighting Factory Is Dedicated To Excellence & Aims To Become a Leading Manufacturer In The Lighting Industry By Setting The Standard For Quality & Innovation.

Expert LED Solutions

HEC Lighting Factory Is a Leading LED Lighting Manufacturer that is Dedicated To Providing Our Customer With High-Quality, ECO-Friendly LED Lights, From Design To Manufacturing.

We Offer Premium Quality LED Lighting Solutions That Meet Our Clients Specific Needs.

At HEC Lighting Factory, We Offer State-Of-The-Art LED Lighting Solutions That Are Designed To Meet Your Specific Needs. Whatever Your LED Lighting Needs Are We've Got You Covered With a Complete Range Of Indoor & Outdoor Lighting Solutions.


Products Category 


SMD Down Lights

SMD Down Lights:Stylish, energy-efficientlighting solutions formodern interiors.


COB Down Lights

SMD COB Lights: Sleek and efficient lighting solutions for contemporary spaces


LED Bulbs


SMD Flood Lights

LED Bulb: Energy-efficient illumination for everyday lighting needs

SMD Flood Lights: Efficient, versatile lighting for seamless illumination
in any setting


HEC Lighting Factory Ensures Excellence With Quality At Every Step.

All Our LED Products Epitomize Unparalleled Quality, Meticulously Crafted To Exceed Industry Standards.


Renowned For Our Expertise In LED Light Manufacturing.

We Prioritize Unparalleled Quality and Relentless Innovation.


Rooted In Innovation And Efficiency.

Our Design Philosophy is Client- Centric, Ensuring Tailored Solutions That Exceed Expectations.


Lighting The Future With Ingenuity And Passion.

Our Commitment To Excellence Ensures That Every Product Illuminates With Brilliance And Reliability.


Our LED lights have been designed to prioritize eye comfort, by blending efficiency with soothing illumination, thereby enhancing well-being.

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9+ Years
Of Excellence

Our decade-long experience guarantees top-quality LED lighting solutions, supported by innovation and reliability.

Product Warranty

We provide 2-Year Warranty for all our products, ensuring our valued clients have peace of mind and satisfaction.

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